Ordinari U is a webzine dedicated to making the unrepresented shine. We love the Ordinary things that make people unique in their likeness.

This webzine will be the voice of the people who are unheard. We are committed to touching subjects that will not only ENTERTAIN, but EDUCATE & ENLIGHTEN on a mental, physical and revolutionary level.

OU is dedicated to providing a raw
edgy spin on issues that affect most of us on a day to day basis. We take pride in the research behind our content and will diligently make it our business to deliver on the three E’s that define outstanding Journalism. EDUCATE,  ENLIGHTEN, and ENTERTAIN!




Webinars will be arriving soon. Please continue to check back for Updates.

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For Foodies...

Do you own a restaurant? We’d love for you to show off your signature dish and help you tell the world about it, for more information please click here...

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We have an interview with Lloyd Strayhorn on airing December 1, 2019

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Next Steps...

To advertise with us, please contact us at: media@lesvousordinaire.com. We would love to service your Public Relation needs

Fun Fact

Did you know that an Emperor of Mali called Mansa Musa had a net worth at $400billion?